Looking for the best lease? We have it!

Posted By: Russ Webb Articles of Interest,

If you are a GAA member, or a prospective member, then you know that you want to use the lease that is the most widely recognized in the state...and that's our GAA lease! 

We also offer the NAA lease for those companies who operate on a national level and want a standardized lease for all locations throughout many states.

Members are able to purchase a variety of forms, from the official GAA lease to applications and from move-in/move-out to lead based paint disclosure. If there is a need for it, then we probably carry it.

Imagine what you will be able to do with the extra time you will save by being able to complete Applications, Leases, Move-In/Move-Out, and other forms with a few strokes of the keyboard and a few clicks of your mouse!  And rest assured that you're protected by using a lease that is recognized by the court system in Georgia.

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