About GAA

The Georgia Apartment Association is comprised of six affiliated associations from across Georgia that work together toward the common goal of unifying the multifamily housing industry. The Association also represents the interests of apartment owners not covered by one of these chapter areas.

About the GAA

Representing an industry that provides homes to millions of Georgians, our members directly employ more than 5,000 Georgians, and the businesses that support the industry provide more than 100,000 jobs. Our members contribute more than $1.45 billion in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and every 100 new apartment homes developed generates an additional $384,000 in taxes and an additional 47 local jobs. Our commitment to the community produces one of the largest food drives in the nation, contributing more than 7 million meals in Georgia last year alone.

GAA Products & Services:

GAA Forms: The Georgia Apartment Association lease is the most widely recognized in the state of Georgia. The GAA online lease program through Blue Moon is the fastest and easiest way to process your forms, and the GAA lease and addenda are the very best in the industry.

NAA Forms: The Georgia Apartment Association also offers the National Apartment Association lease forms to companies that operate on a national scale and are looking for continuity across their communities.

GAA Government Affairs: The Georgia Apartment Association is the voice of the multifamily housing industry in Georgia. Please visit the Government Affairs page of our website for more information.

GAA Annual Meeting: Every fall the members of the GAA get together for an annual meeting that is unparalleled in the apartment industry. Our Annual Meeting is not centered around a trade show but is focused on networking and educational opportunities. For information on this year's conference, please visit the Annual Meeting page of our website.

How to Join GAA

You become a member of GAA by joining one of the affiliated apartment associations where you do business. When you join one of our local affiliates, you automatically become a member of the Georgia Apartment Association.